Where's Waldo?

Where is Whales and Spencer? They used to be bigtime participants, where are these young chaps?

Whales started to post about 2 or 3 weeks back and I haven’t seen Spencer since he was nursing his arm…about 3 months back…I think both will be posting again…just like you haven’t seen em like we’d like to.

Hello. I’m not playing this year and I’m spending more time with school. I’ve been running most of the time and I’ve lost 10 lbs. Next spring, I’m going to start throwing again very slowly but I’m not banking on it. I’m going to apply to UT for law school (and some other schools) and I’ll graduate from SFA December '09

Spencer we’ve missed you!!
I hope all is well with the flapper…or at least getting better…don’t be a stranger! Great to hear about the ambition and impending graduation.

Yep I have some shiny A’s in my classes

Hey Spencer, how is the arm?

It hasn’t hurt since I haven’t been throwing for nearly 2 months but I played dodgeball today so it is a little sore… Not the best thing to do if I want to play baseball I know


Still doesn’t hurt like it used to though