Where's the passion?

At Steve Eliss’ request, I’m making my way to the forums here for info, support, etc. I’ve written to him personally about my disappointment regarding my inability to find people at my talent level and age in my area. I am currently 37 (will be 38 this July), primarily a pitcher and full of love for this game. I am in the gym 6 days a week, training as if I’m going to play 162 games over 180 days. I am on a strict (primarily organic) diet, maintaining a dietary log for every bite I’ve consumed since Jan. 10th. I am committed to my nutrition goals, as I know how vital they are in achieving my overall fitness goals. I don’t use any tobacco products, I don’t use any recreational drugs, and consume no alcohol / liquor. In addition to the 6 days of cardiovascular and core training, I am doing Vinassa Yoga each week as well. 4 days of strength training each week has brought considerable strength gains since I got back into the gym Jan 3. I started throwing last week and have gotten in 3 sessions thus far, looking forward to the warmer weather making it’s way to NY so I can move things back outside, especially since I need to start long tossing soon.

What I probably should’ve done first was introduce myself. My name is Mike T, I’m 37 and I LOVE this game. I moved back to NY (Westchester County) back in Sept. 2007. Even though I was out of baseball shape, I found a team in the Westchester / Putnam MSBL 35+ wood bat league to compete with and found that the level of competition I was looking for wasn’t there for the most part. (although there were a handful of very good athletes) My season was cut short by a badly torn hamstring / shredded miniscus so 2008 came to a premature close. I was blessed to be teamed up with a great team of physical / rehabilitative therapists who got me into baseball shape to kick off the 2009 season. I moved up to the higher division (25+) and pitched very well, winning 6 games. Due to a # of factors I didn’t return for the 2010 season with the same team and initially wrote off the season altogether. In early May I was approached by a team in the same league, and I was more than happy to come aboard and start playing again. Never in the baseball shape I should’ve been I still pitched well, but again due to unforseen administrative reasons (and quite frankly irresponsible coaching) my summer session was cut short as the league made the decision to cut my team from playoff competition. There was new life in the fall campaign, where I was the spot starter / closer / 3B and OF. I ended up hitting over .400 and found myself hitting in the 5 spot for most of the abbreviated season. On the mound, my #'s looked like this : 28IP 18H 1ER 9BB 23K .96 WHIP and 0.32 ERA 2-0 4 saves. We went on to win the Fall Championship, going 8-1-1. Most of my teammates last fall asked for me to join them this summer. I was more than happy to oblige and committed to them that I’d come into the spring of 2011 in the absolute best baseball shape of my life. That brings me to all of you…

I know that we’re all here because we love this game. Quite frankly, I can’t find anyone around here who trains with the same intensity and passion that I have for competing between those white lines. I struggle just to find someone to throw around with! (thank god for the staff @ NYSC for appeasing me and throwing the initial few sessions with me) I want to be the best pitcher / athlete / teammate I can be, and am open to all constructive critique, training tips, advice, etc… Please guys, help me find the PASSION!!!

best in baseball, MT

Mike, it’s great to have you here. The passion for this game keeps us involved all our lives, so many don’t want to know more about this really great game.

Yes, welcome to the forum!
It good to have another enthusiastic and diligent
baseball person on this website.
The more, the merrier.