Where's the numbers?

I love the idea of a personal pitching log. Where can I see the stats?

Not sure what you mean scorekeeper, where are the stats??? I guess you want more of the Personal Pitching Logs to include game stats?

Not everyone posts stats on their logs, most people just use it as a way to track their progress and show others there workout plans. But… I have seen a few people show game stats in their logs! (including me ;)…)

Actually, I couldn’t care less about game stats. What interests me, is being able to see a pitcher’s “use” log, and that would consist of a date, type of outing, # of pitches, any notation of arm health irregularity, and any comments of a visit to an MD or other highly qualified person on the arm health.

I’m talking really simple stuff here.

08/08/10 Bull pen 63 n/a
08/11/10 Game 84 tender elbow
08/13/10 Lesson 50 elbow still tender
08/19/10 Bull pen 60 n/a
08/22/10 Game 87 shoulder stiff
08/26/10 Lesson 50 shoulder sore
08/30/10 Bull pen 20 Had to stop for shoulder
08/31/10 Dr Hogath Dianosis - Tendonitis. Suggests 2 week rest.
09/17/10 Bull pen 20 Shoulder a bit stiff but not sore

From that simple data, I could extract one heck of a lot of very useful information.

I said, I couldn’t care less about game stats, but in fact that’s not quite true. I love game stats, but for this discussion they mean absolutely nothing. Do you have a log that at all resembles what I posted above?

If so, I’d love to get it in a form I could use. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me the log in a spreadsheet format or even a txt format?