Wheres my curveball?!

i havent been able to get my curve working the way it used to… it was sharp and late now its just horrible… big and loopy with very little break

the ball spins halfway between a curve and a slider and i cant get that snap i used to… now its more of a rolling off the fingers

whats wrong?! :frowning:

have you gained velocity
that could be it
throwing it too hard

could be mechanical

use a different grip or lift your index finger

have you changed arm angles

So ironic… I wrote this really long post last night discussing this very topic…it timed out and the whole post was lost. :pullinghair:

I’ll just touch on what I tried to say…
First when you lose it…stop, go back to basics.
The hook is a tumble pitch, it isn’t a fastball it is important to get the spin down. What I do is have the pitcher get back about to 15 or 20’, square the chest to your partner one step and just toss the ball properly for a while (the fingers set properly, middle finger along the seam as deep in the horse shoe as possible, thumb opposite to it on the under seam). starts behind as a fastball, as it moves even to the head palm to ear, wrist straight, fingers on top of the ball as it moves out front pull down flip the wrist (No twist), thumb pointing at the belly button of the partner. You don’t throw hard, you don’t care about anything but getting a proper tumble to the ball (To see the spin better use a piece of electrical tape wrapped intersecting the middle of the horse shoe) and arm action…you can do this all day long because you aren’t doing anything but tossing (Me and my son did this last night for 20 maybe 30 minutes…just getting the feeling back). As you get the consistant tumble, back up and start working towards your normal delivery. If you get the tumble…you will always get the curve…as I told my son last night, anyone can throw a nice curve with the proper arm action and grip (I told him I could get his mom to throw one), with little arm impact. The physics of the pitch do the work, don’t worry about additional spin, don’t worry about throwing it too fast, just throw it properly with unforced velocity, throw it through the target and the break will always happen in the right spot.
Always remember what Maddux does when it gets tough…he takes something off…he doesn’t try to throw harder and he concentrates on the mechanics of the pitch and getting them right.

Offset—you say that at the moment you seem to be throwing something closer to a slider? That’s exactly what you’re doing. You have the beginnings of a good slider there, and if you can develop it you might find that it’s a lot easier on your arm than a curve ball. You just roll your wrist, don’t snap it, and you let the pitch roll off your index finger. And easy does it. And if you do some of the things suggested you could have both pitches! 8)