Where / When to extend elbow when throwing


Recently I have been having some problems with my elbow while and after I throw around the inside of my elbow. After recording myself throw to analyze the issue I realize I throw with elbow way in front of my face like so

While it might look quite bad in that picture I am a 16u (I’m 15 and a new sophomore I play up) showcase center fielder and able to hit low 80s off a crow hop on a good day. However are there any drills to fix my “dart throw”?

If needed I can post a video of my mechanics leading up to that point also if anyone knows where to find some information on this topic please link it because I can’t find any



It is difficult to say why you throw with your elbow out in front of your head without a video. We would need to see your mechanics or movements and what causes this action. Your release (leading with the elbow) is a result of what happened in your movements leading up to this action.



Thanks for the reply, video will be up by tomorrow let me know if any more information is needed