Where to start? 11u RHP

This kid is primarily a catcher(hence the catchers mitt) but is now starting to pitch. Seems to have several issues here.
Any ideas on where to start focusing on first? Drills?

calcam, you look good for 9-10U? Don’t know your age sorry if I’m way off.

Nice balance decent stride length, good finish with the throwing arm, getting your shoulder on target and how flat you are getting your back.

Here are some things you could work on, get rid of the catchers glove, what the heck! Second would be getting a bigger stride and more movement from the hips, look up the hersheiser drill, I know it’s used by lots of people but it is a really effective drill for learning how to use your hips more to generate natural power and velocity. Next I would work on some glove side mechanics, don’t just throw the ball with your throwing arm but pull the ball to home with your glove side too, equal and oppisite action.

It’s my son, Cal, and he will be 11 this March. He got a new catchers mitt and is trying to break it in as quickly as possible. I gave him a hard time about using but he insisted…

I like the idea of the Hersheiser drill, it makes sense since he doesn’t throw with much velocity. And i noticed that he is opening up too early and therefore pointing his landing foot to the left slightly.
Also, what’s up with his glove coming all the way around his back? Is this something that is symptom of another flaw somewhere.

Could be a result, I would assume it’s because he hasn’t put any real effort into working his glove side except for on the break, some like how I teach and that is to pull the glove back by turning the glove and then pulling the arm back as the other arm moves forward to balance, ending with the glove either tucked to the chest or elbow slightly behind the torso.

I am sure others will have their opinions too, see what works best for your son!