Where to Stand

iv’e seen lots of videos that say that right handers should stand on the right side of the rubber. although many people throw from the left side. which side s mor deceptive :?:

When I pitched I stood pretty much in the middle of the rubber. I was a sidearmer who used the crossfire extensively (that’s a move that works only with this delivery), and I had a fairly long stride, so being in the middle gave me a lot of maneuvering room. I remember when my pitching coach was working with me on the circle change, and he said to me “I know you’re going to crossfire it. You use that move with everything you throw.” :slight_smile:

The NPA teach is to position yourself so that your back foot drag line ends on the centerline of the rubber. The purpose of this is to position yourself so that you direct your energy toward the target without inappropriate posture changes which can affect performance and health.