Where to pitch hitters

Ok every pitcher here i thought it may be a good idea to make a thread about where to pitch hitters and what i mean is in what count and what pitches to throw to all locations all advice on location pitch count and what pitches to throw any subjects about how to pitch hitters are welcome and post if you think this thread is a good idea and would like some advice urself thank you

What pitch to throw when depends on a number of factors including:
o what the previous pitch was
o where the previous pitch was thrown
o which pitches are and are not working
o the count
o number of outs
o location of base runners
o the score
o the batter’s abilities
o the batter’s tendencies
o etc., etc., etc.

yes you have to trust yourselg also

What ROGER posted here is 100% on the money. And if all the things that he mentioned aren’t enough… these things can change inning to innnig, and even pitch by pitch.

That’s what makes this positon (pitcher) so difficult to train for. And as you progress into the higher more competitve levels … the pace of things really picks up and the dynamics of multiple situations compounds the challenge.

Also, don’t forget … the guy holding the bat also injects a little adjusting of his own. For example… suppose a batter that your were facing in the second innning, show up in the fifth inning with a shorter bat. Will you notice it ? Nope. Will your backstop notice it? Nope. Well, if neither one of you picks up on it … whats the big deal.

The big deal is this… if you faced a batter in one inning with say a 34" length… then the same batter steps in with a 32" lenght, he’s just drawn th sweet spot of the bat about 2" closer to him. So, if your going to box-em inside… and you miss by just 4 or 5 inches on your target location… this batter has some pretty good odds of makeing contact. That contact by the way is going to entirely different than what you may have seen in prior innings.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Start off with a batting T, and try various bat lengths to see where the ball goes using the same batting stance and body posture when swinging. Just remember to leave the batting T setup in the same spot.

Coach B.

good advice posts this is for any pitcher that may need a little help pitching in a certain situation may be helpful

coach baker,

i agree

Here’s some other considerations. If you have a printer, print them out and keep a notebook going. Every practice, every game, every experience in this sport should enhance your learning curve.

The following are part of my playbook that I issue to all new pitchers and bullpen coaches:

Those are great diagrams, Coach B!

You’ve got great “stuff”. :lol:

Excellent point. This is something too many pitchers tend to overlook—when a batter steps into the box with a shorter bat than usual. You definitely don’t want to pitch him where he can get that “sweet spot” into contact with the ball, and you definitely do NOT want to give him a fast ball unless you throw 98-100 miles an hour and can just blow it by him.
I never had to face a batter who did that, but I faced many who would choke up on the bat a couple of inches—same intention. So I’d feed them something like a knuckle-curve, which they found indigestible and swung over the top of it and struck out or hit a weak grounder to the second baseman.
There’s something to be said for “snake jazz”. :slight_smile: