Where to look?


So If you are a 24-25 yr old Lefty pitcher looking to get on any sort of team where should I look? I have been working out on a program and practicing my mechanics religiously for 9 months now. I’m 6’2 200 lbs with about 9-10 % BF. I pitched in a scrimmage a few months back and coaches said I’m sitting at 85 with not keeping my shoulders square moving down the mound taking some mph off. Been working out that muscle memory bleh. Background is played for some 6A Florida High School teams, had a rough patch wasn’t serious but realized we can do anything we put our minds too as long as you love the game regardless.

Any advice helps thanks!


What do you mean by any sort of team?


Competitive baseball


I assume that you live in Florida. If so, here’s a web page that might be helpful to you. The Central Florida Amateur Baseball Association.

Now, if you really want to get into the deep end of the pool - here’s the Federal League South Florida baseball web page. They’ll welcome 18+ players for tryouts. These guys are Independent Semi-Pro guys. Don’t be shy about this level of play. Independent Professional baseball is hard knocks, but it’s baseball at the Minor League level at its best. Here’s their web page: http://www.leaguelineup.com/information.asp?url=southfloridabaseball&sid=147038532

In addition, here’s their address:
5025 Mallards Place-Suite #4
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Phone: 954-427-8680
Fax: 419-818-3734

Independent Semi-Pro ball is going to match your intentions with a real dose of reality, so just be ready for some brutal honesty. If you do make contact, try and ask for Kenny Brown. He’s good people and really super to work with.

On the other hand, if you’re just interested in just … “staying in touch with the game,” as any local high school, or other amateur clubs in your area if you can toss BP, volunteer in some way, and so forth.

Best wishes to you Steven.


Awesome thanks coach baker I will check it out



Just a word of caution. The Semi-Pro/ Independent route is rather mature and rough to digest if you don’t have a hard shell and haven’t … " been around" sort of speak. These players, coaches and ownership are not people that you’d be use to playing summer ball after high school. There’s all kinds of politics - on and off the field, real jerks and even some mean spirited people here and there. If you do go for a tryout, go with someone of your own age and make comparisons of who you watch. This setting is not for the “nice guy.” … usually. Now there are exceptions, so just be sensitive to what you’re looking at, hearing, and digesting the environment. Let your gut feelings rule the day here. .


Thanks for the advice. If I show up there I’m there to work honestly. I know the true people I’m trying to impress won’t care about much but talent. If it doesn’t work out that’s okay, but I know once the right person sees me throw the rest will come into place!


Best of luck! I agree with coach Baker, no ones going to be your buddy out there. Just stay in your lane and show them what ya got.

Coach T.


“Just stay in your own lane”… I really like that comment. Stay in your own lane… I’m going to use that.

Nice one Coach T.