Where the most MLB players come from?

Interesting stuff… What’s the baseball like where you live compared to this map?

cool stuff. where did you get this from?

Looks like I live in a hotbed 8)
Sure it ain’t LA but…It ain’t LA :lol:

Massachusetts isn’t bad either

I live in TX and jeez youth baseball here is like football here: its like a religion. I’ve met with parents who have moved to central Texas (Austin-area) just for baseball. Here baseball starts at 4U and a $16mil YOUTH baseball center was built here. Something like 12 baseball fields each with limestone dugouts, bullpens, and pro-style scoreboards. I am paying around 1k a season to play for my team with a private coach. That’s nothing. The best program around here goes for something like 1.5k a season. That club includes players who are 11. In summary, I think if the population here was as high as Houston or Dallas our color on the map would be orange (if you remember your color wheels from pre-k :slight_smile: )

Missing the home state of Shane Victorino…the Flyin’ Hawaii’n

I see Chicago has a little shade of blue. Baseball in Chicago is pretty competitive. It pretty much comes down to what high school you get into. If you get into a sport powerhouse school like my school they take every sport including baseball like a life choice. (even cross country) Theres so many old rivalries between the schools and so many unknown rivalries by trying to take on the powerhouse suburban schools like Evanston and all them. You pretty much can’t go wrong with baseball here except the infamous rain outs. Literally spring time is rain time here and it frustrates me. Half a season canceled last year because of rain.

I live in south-east Missouri.
No MLB players from my town, that I know of.
I’m about 80 miles south of Saint Louis.
It’s Saint Louis Cardinals country down here.
There are several MLB players from Saint Louis- most notably Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols (originally from Kansas City, I believe).
Sikeston (about 60 miles south of where I live) is home to Blake Dewitt.

Excluding the LA area, what’s interesting is that for all the talk about year round baseball in the south, the south doesn’t appear to have fared any better than the north.

I’d like to see a world map

The Cubs web site reports
If the report of Silva’s signing bonus is accurate, he becomes the fifth Cuban defector in 13 months to receive a bonus of at least $1 million, following left-handers Aroldis Chapman (Reds) and Noel Arguelles (Royals), right-hander Yunesky Maya (Nationals) and shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria (Blue Jays).[/quote]

Fidel could apparently fund Cuba for a year or two, just start holding “certain hostages”…they would certainly have some darker blue 8)

The map’s not big enough! What about the rest of the world? Yeah, I know, Nova Scotia wouldn’t have any shade of blue whatsoever :frowning: but places like the Dominican Republic certainly would.

Idaho needs to pick it up

No one lives there any more; it’s too crowded.

Some of this just has to do with population density…more people live there the more prospects will come from that area…just basic math. So many more people live in LA, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Tampa Bay that it concentrates the #'s, sorry Idaho.

No one lives there any more; it’s too crowded.[/quote]

Now you sound like Yogi Berra.

No one lives there any more; it’s too crowded.[/quote]
Now you sound like Yogi Berra.[/quote]
Glad someone picked up on it! :lol:

There is quite a bit of professional ball players from around my area- Chad Billingsley, Jon Niese, Tyler Burgoon, Marc Krauss, Chad Reineke, Kolbrin Vitek.