Where should my velocity be at

i am about to be a sophmore in highschool, and last season i was clocked at 78-79 on my 2 seam fastball

does anyone know if thats a good velocity for a lefthanded pitcher my age

thats a pretty solid fastball … Im going to be a sophmore as well and im at 75-76 so 78-79 sounds good to me. How big are you?

No offense but there are like 10 other posts about average high school velocity.

way to go chands!!!

im about 6 ft. 180

but i was only clocked during games at the begining to the middle of the season and i think my arm has become much stronger since then

Yeah because people, for some reason, feel the need to know if their pitching fast enough for their age. Ok so say your not, what does that mean? Say you are, what does that mean either. Unless your a major league caliber pitcher you can always get faster right?

Are you serious? You should know by now that being able to hit almost 80 as a lefty is great.

Even though your arm feels like it has gotten alot stronger as season progressed you probably did not pick up substantial MPH.

As you continue to grow, your legs will develop and you will start to notice more gains. Granted your are running pretty much everyday like you should be.

Good Luck

according to RIstar, he gained 15 mph just by thinking that he throws hard. how much bs does that sound like??

As the season goes on, you think you get faster but in fact you just have less fatigue.

Don`t sorry about velocity so much. And when its obvious that you throw harder than most people, dont look for approval.

Just keep working hard and it will come. What more can you do?

gang just because you feel like your throwing 80, your probably not, and if you threw 61 last month but now you throw 75 the next. you should take back the radar ball back to sport authority cause it dont work,

Well if you really are sitting at 78-79 as a Lefty 14 year old, you have it all but made. As a lefty, all you need is to be sitting around 80 with control and decent offspeed, and you’ll get some attention from scouts. Us righty’s need to be like 85+ with good offspeed to get the same kind of attention, you lucky people…

im going into my sophmore season and i throw about 78-80 and im 5’8 130 lbs. id say thats good