Where should my velocity be at?


I am 14 years old going into high school I play majors baseball I am mainly a pitcher but I throw about 78-83 and I really plan to play division 1 college baseball. Most say I throw hard but do I throw hard enough to play at that level? I have developed a good fastball with pronation and a solid circle change up and a solid sweeping curve but I plan to add another breaking pitch before high school. My varsity baseball coach at my high school has guaranteed a varsity spot to pitch. But the point is I feel I have really developed my offspeed but is a low 80s fastball enough at 14?


I mean am I on track to play college


Hi Jacob, it’s wonderful that you have set a high goal for yourself. The speed is above average for a 14yo. However, I have seen plenty of young pitchers who can gun the balls, but they lack controls and command. Some even do poorly with runner(s) on base or scoring position.

Honestly, I feel your off-speed can be worked on a little further to “slow it down” At low 80’s, it above the same speed as your FB, it will not work “effectively” against batters with great timings. The main purpose of off-speed pitch it to throw the batters off their timings and positively balance.

Maybe you can share a little more of your game STAT or experience. A video is worth a thousand words and we can “objectively” share our viewpoints with you.

Good luck.