Where should a pitcher spend the majority of his time?

I have a nephew who has some serious talent on the mound. However I think he spends allot of time lifting weights and throwing. I suggest to him that he should spend more time studying his opponents and defining himself. He thinks there is little value in this because his physical talent has taken so far. He is still young and has never faced some serious talent on the opposite side of the field. How do you think a pitcher should prioritize his training and preparation?

Many questions…but how old is he?
It’s pretty near impossible for a hs kid to scout…so thinking strategy is really going to be a function of how his coach prepares, what do you mean by “defining himself”?

Honestly, I’d steer him away from heavy weight lifting. Pitching is all about mechanics and possessing a “pitching intelligence.” Tim Lincecum threw in the high 90’s in college and he weighs about 160 lbs. and has “never lifted weights” according to him. That is testament to the fact that one can be successful at the highest levels without over dedication to weight training.

Your nephew would be better served polishing his mechanics and mastering command of his pitches. If he has natural athletic abilities, they will only work as an added benefit to this plan.

Well, before anyone takes this the wrong way…conditioning your body IS important and I am not discouraging basic strength and conditioning, but I would focus mostly on strengthening the legs and core. Bench pressing and heavy upper body lifting will only hinder flexibility and could lead to muscle imbalances which could lead to serious injury.

I’ll take an undersized pitcher with proper & efficient mechanics, command of pitches, and an understanding of setting up hitters over an athletic stud with nothing but brute strength. If not for any reason other than the ox will break down after enough pitches if there are weak links in his delivery.

I think throwing and lifting is where the majority of the time should be spent, as this is what got me to the next level and continues to help me improve. Reading and studying mechanics, strength training, etc has also been invaluable.

I would encourage him to read my log to get an idea of the kind of road he may be looking at going forward if he wants to play at the next level. And he is more than welcome to email me or message me and I will spend some time giving him my take on the college and high school process, and what it takes to make it.

It’s pretty near impossible for a hs kid to scout[/quote]

What about MaxPrep? That’s a national thing, right?

He needs to learn to throw the ball (hard) before he needs to worry about pitching it. This is the case for 99.9% of pitchers.