Where is Future Kaz and that other kid?

Where are these guys?

What happened to that one guy who knew everything but left because he was being corrected?? I miss those guys, they were funny!

And Wales, get on here, and bring your boy Spencer too!

You’re not talking about RIstar, are you?

Where is Spencer?

One word…GIRL!
My boy Spencer, he is missed but he’s got somethin in the lockbox. :shock:
I miss him too.
Kaz is out there occasionally lurking, he still hangs around on YouTube too.
RIstar??? idk

Traded some PM’s and email shortly after he (Kaz) left but haven’t heard from him in a long time.

Perhaps Kelvin = RIstar. Wouldn’t that be something.

No way.

That was his name!

RIstar was funny!

We need ole boy Spence on here!

I think RIstar

FutureKaz, well I’ve talked to him on YouTube a little bit lately and he still likes to just make a big fuss over everything, you know arguing and whining just for the sake of it.

Am I late?

What have I got in the lockbox?

Looked like your keyboard :lol:


How ya’ been?

The keyboard monster ate his keyboard!