Where do you want your foot pointing at foot plant?

team alberta pitching coach is telling me to have it pointing at third still, but a little bit more to home, sort of halway, then pivot, but i cant seem to pivot that foot in time or whatever.

are you right handed?

obviously, it would be a little hard to have my foot pointed at third if i was a lefty :wink:

lol whenever my foot lands its pointing towards the first base side cause it seems like it gets my hips open better. is that the sort of thing you’re talking about?

If you’re a righty, this may lead to control problems. Keep the foot closed.

I prefer the front foot to be pointed at the target although I’ll accept a slight deviation to the throwing arm side of the target. If the front foot plants pointing too far to the throwing arm side, that can put stress on the front hip, knee, and ankle joints because the rest of the body will try to open up more than the foot as the hip sand shoulders try to square up to the target. You might also limit hip rotation and end up throwing with more arm.

So, to summarize, I see there being possible health issues as a result if the front foot plants too closed. Maybe you could tell your coach that you’ve heard about possible health consequences and explain what I said above. Then see what he thinks.

I was taught to have it pointed at the right handed batter’s box(im a righty) like nolan ryan did. That’s what my pitching coach has been telling me.