Where do you draw the line?

I was wondering what you guys thought was cheating.–Where do you draw the line. Stealing Signs, Putting cutsin the ball with your fingernail, “Accidentally” bumping the runner off the base when the ump is not watching, or telling the runner to go back on a steal (Say it’s a foul ball) then tag him. Do you agree with the saying “It ain’t cheating unless you get caught”.
In my oppinion


I have no problems with stealing signs, and it’s actually somewhat strategic, and one thing I really wouldn’t call cheating

The cuts in the baseball I do not agree with, however in most lower levels of play after the first inning, it’s really easy to get a scuff ball by doing nothing.
The bumping off and lying to runners are both REALLY cheap ways. It doesn’t mean you were the better team, you were the one that was the sneekiest.

I believe Ty Cobb said something like, “If you aren’t cheating you must not want to win enough.” or something of that nature, however I think there is one thing that stands out Never act on another player, like teling the runner it was foul.

I’d rather win clean. If you think your good enough you should win without cheating, and even if you are good enough, winning with cheating looses its meaning.

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I was gonna say

In my oppinion…
If you do something that the ump can see ie stealing signs it’s ok. But if the ump cant see it --steroids, corking your bat it isnt ok. There is a Grey area where you cant really draw the line.