Where do we start?


Hello everyone. My son is 12 (turning 13 in a few weeks) and wants to learn to pitch. I purchased the TuffCuff Jr. program and have begun reading, taking notes, etc. He has had only a few lessons from a local instructor, but I’m pleased with his basic mechanics. My question is this, where do I begin? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the information at hand. Do I begin with drills? Exercises? Mechanics? I just don’t know where to begin, and as a result, I’m not beginning at all. Any and all advice would be great.

He will be playing Fall Ball, and this will be his last baseball on the 46/60 fields, as he will be moving up to the full size 60/90 fields next spring. I’m willing to do whatever is necessary, and he has told me his is committed to working hard and doing what I instruct him to do. So please help me :slight_smile:

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First things I started with when pitching is form, practicing my balance and really reaching out to the plate when releasing the ball then next is drills like just picking spots and aiming for them Exercises was kinda the last thing i had to worry about u don’t need to worry about throwing 95 mph when your 12


I would begin with drills. It’s how I started my son when he was 8 and it has paid off. Throwing drills, pitching drills, etc. I am convinced it is the only way to ingrain proper mechanics in someone. Telling him to do something is never as effective as having him do it in drills. In youth baseball, for instance, you will often see a coach or a dad yell at a kid on the mound to, say, “follow through”. Well, too late for that. First, shouldn’t be giving pitching lessons during a game. Second, the “follow through” (or other pitching cue) should have been ingrained long before game time via drills.