Where did my velocity go?

ok so this past summer i was sitting around 88-90 with great command and movement and was mowing down hitters. Now all of a sudden in the fall im struggling just to hit 88. My arm feels strong. When Im playing long toss i have no problem throwing far but when I get on the mound I just dont feel loose and explosive anymore and it seems like im either walking or hitting every other batter. I know it is partly mental but physically I just feel like my arm is back in little league

I think it may be mostly in your head. You’re trying too hard, is what you’re doing, and the fact is that the harder you try to do something the tougher it gets. Slow down. Think back to what you were doing when you would hit 88-90…your arm angle, your arm speed, how you were releasing the ball and following through on your pitches…and stay with it. You’ll get that speed back in no time. 8)

You might actually need to take some time off …