Where can I get Jaeger's program?

I was wondering where I could get Jaeger’s program? I see his website here: http://www.jaegersports.com/

Where would I go specifically? Also, if anyone has experience with the Jaeger Adult Bands, I’d be interested in knowing whether they’re worth it.

Third line on the header says “Store” click there. :wink:

It is the “Thrive on Throwing” one, correct?

Not sure about the contents, but yes that’s the one you’re looking for.

I have owned Jeager’s bands and am a huge fan of them except for the price. I suggest the WarBands by the Warbird Acedemy, they come with a complete plan. I was actually one of the testers for them and when I first got them my shoulder was in terrible shape (huge pain on every throw) and now I’m throwing relatively pain free (little more then a month later)