Where can i get a good glove

where can i find a cheap but good quality glove
i like the mizuno with the ichiro web but it cost too much
i play in the outfield(left & right)

Well, eBay might be a good place to look for a cheaper glove, but then the quality isnt guaranteed. You might want to do some research on the web first, and see if you can find some good quality companies for lower prices (other than this forum :lol: )

Try these gloves. Great quality for about $60 cheaper than the name brands.


I’m not promoting these retailers but you might want to try the following:

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Sports Authority
Champs Sports (sporting goods store)

These are retail chains that can have an impressive selection of NEW gloves and stuff. They also have 20% -30% and even 40% off sales, now that we’re into the start of summer.

Also, don’t discount your neighborhood tag sales, garage sales, chruch rumage sales, yard sales and the like. These are usually held on a week end, and a lot of them are listed in your local paper. In fact, my home town has a Sunday paper that has a special section for these events.
You can pick up some great buys… and the gloves are already broken in to boot!!!

Coach B.

East bay has some good ones

chicks, they have a huuge selection on gloves. the only bad thing about chicks is that there a lil expensive