Where are the clips?

You said the clips would be up in the middle of july why don’t the work. If the aren’t up by the end of August i will never come back to this site. i guess you won’t care weither I come back or not just blowing off some of my fustration. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


There are many reasons for MLB copyrighting the material that Steven has asked for. Making a buck off of the stuff, protecting their business interests by watching out for who and how these pictures are being used, and then theres the endorsement thing of not leting just anybody use their logos, franchase clubs, trademarks and a bunch of other stuff without permission… etc… etc.

And although Steven and this web site are without question on the side of the good guys … Steven is dealing with a business and like all businesses there are rules to follow.

Besides, if you really want to see clips… do some leg work on the web and you’ll find plenty of video and other stuff to feed on. YOUTUBE has its fair share of this kind of thing.

However, one of the best clips that you could ask for is watching a game on TV. Study the entire battery and TAKE NOTES. Ask yourself to itemize certain questions about form and posture… why - how come – that kind of stuff.

Good luck with your searches.

Coach B.

Right on Baker. I will watch a Yankees game just to watch what the pitchers do. From pitch selection to how they pitch to certain hitter. Like today I saw Lacky of the Angels throw 3 strait fastballs on the outside corner. Of course the 3rd was a base hit. Probably shouldn’t have done that. I have it taped for future reference. I was hoping to watch some good clips of Edwar Ramirez but he blew it today and pitched horrible. Oh well he needs his time to settle in. I’ll go see what he did wrong.

I have it taped for future reference

Bower, you’ve just step’d into a broader aspect of this craft - the academics side, which can be even more demanding then the physical.
The speculative aspect of any athletic endeavor is studying it. Being aware of the actions and consequences of do … or don’t… why and why not.

By studying the professionals you’ll get a lesson that most students of the game over look. Good thinking Bower … it seems that you’re going to be way ahead of the learning curve that a lot of others neglect. And your going to do a great deal of justice to the coaching staff that you’ll be supporting. Another aspect that a lot of other players neglect as well.

Coach B.

Your all for me coaching aren’t you…I’m a taker. If I wasn’t so busy in the summer I’d coach my little brothers team their coach doesn’t want to do it anymore. He said he’s too much of a pushover and likes the kids too much to disipline them. Guess its not a bad thing. My one brother is going to be small for a pitcher better stick to SS and then my 8 year old brother is going to be a monster. My dads 6’3" I’m a bit on the short side but my one brother is going to be a big kid. I’m teaching him how to pitch hopefully I’ll do a good job.

I’ll be making a post shortly I need advice on what to advice his for his armaction and glove side arm.