When your truly throwing hard does it even feel like it?

I am trying to become a pitcher, bought the tuff cuff and everything is great. Im waiting until I am a “flexible person” until i start working out with a pitching coach. Ive always had the ability to throw hard, 90+ from the outfield. But it always felt like I was throwing hard. Ive been doing tuff cuff for about 3 weeks now, and I love it. If you dont have it, buy it, it is well worth it. My flexibily and athletism have increase a ton already, not even kidding. Now back to my topic, Ive been playing around with some of tom houses ideas, trying to work my mechanics. I realized I have always pulled off w my glove to try and get a little extra, just never knew the correct way. Also stack and track, late shoulder roatation all that good stuff. But Ive been playing w/ it all and I have literally zero stress on my arm. Not even sure if I am throwing hard becasue it doesnt feel like, but the ball seems like it is whistling out of my hand. Is this a good sign? Do pitchers that throw in the mid to upper 9’s feel like they are even throwing hard? Obviously need to get a gun to truly find out, but I’m kind of excited that I might be on to something? Find out for sure soon enough, just want to here sum knowledge on it. Thanks

when i say “it always felt like i was throwin hard” from the outfield I mean like there was stress and a major body movement to get the velocity. Now by just a few things it feels smooth, stress free, and but I cant tell if I am truly throwing hard because it feels effortless but It seems like it just pops and whistles? ha. idk. crazy.

I believe young pitchers typically grow up not knowing how to use their bodies well. As a result, they come to equate throwing hard with the feeling that they’re about to throw their arms out of the socket.

The NPA mechanics teach you to use your body efficiently/effectively and the result is that you maximize your velocity while taking some stress off the arm. My son had the same thing happen to him - said it didn’t feel like he was throwing hard when, to my eyes, he was.

Sounds like you are on the right track.

BTW, I am an NPA-certified instructor.

haha. its crazy. LESS IS TRULY MORE!!.. well kinda… EFFICENCY IS TRULY MORE! and anything NPA is legit!!!

Mexfactor, you are on the right track. It seems to me that somewhere along the line you have discovered what I call “The Secret”—getting your whole body into the action instead of just throwing with your arm and shoulder, and so you’re throwing harder and faster with less effort. This enables you to get more power behind your pitches—so the ball just “whistles” out of your hand, as you describe it.
I learned “The Secret” a long time ago, when I would watch the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation in action, both in practice and in games, and I saw just what they were doing. They were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and, it seems, seamless) motion, and so they were generating more power behind their pitches—even Ed Lopat who was definitely not a fireballer. Throwing harder and faster with less effort took a lot of pressure off said arm and shoulder—and not a sore arm, or a sore shoulder, or a sore elbow, or a sore anything else! I made a note of what they were doing and how they were doing it, and I started working on it on my own, and as I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that I was doing the same thing they were. I was not particularly fast, but I was doing it, and my natural sidearm delivery had more snap and sizzle to it.
I have reason to believe that you have picked up on this—some of the exercises and drills NPA does, such as the Hershiser drill which focuses on getting the hips fully involved, which helps with posture, balance and stabilization and increases momentum as you deliver to the plate. Good for you! :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Well im not nearly as qualified to be giving information as the other people in this post are, im just a 14 yr old kid, however i have a really good pitching coach that is also a college pitching coach that worked with me on this.
We worked on this on flat ground from about 120ft away. you could feel the full body throwing when you did it right. Once he was confident i knew how to use full body throwing we went to the mound. After a little bit on the mound he told me that the way to tell if you a in perfect movement with your legs,core,and upper body is if after your delivery you could keep your back foot in the air and gently lower it after a second or two.
the science behind this is that if your upper body is ahead then you will spin off, this is normally hipen by your second foot stabilizing you. same goes with your feet, if they are ahead you will get to much momentum and fall forward. It will probally be very hard trying to get used to i fell on my face the first five times but eventually you will get it if you are using your whole body to throw. i still do this drill warming up just to make sure i use my entire body to pitch.

Austin, you say you’re not really qualified to give any information because you’re just 14 years old? Nonsense. At least on this particular subject you certainly are qualified, because you have experienced what I was talking about. And kudos to your pitching coach; he certainly knows about “The Secret” and how to use it, and he worked with you on it and showed you how. Nice going, kid. :slight_smile:

I feel it when I am trying to get 1-2 mph more in a bullpen with a speed gun but in games I don’t really feel it at all even though I throw some of my hardest pitches in games


Is there a way to see a video of that? It really intrigues me, and I could possibly use it for my 11 year olds.

is this a fall with the hip leading and a drive by back foot? Is what is done in hershier drill?