When You Fall Off The Horse

Had an interesting experience coaching my 11U son this week.

Had a solid 3 innings last Friday as a starter. Tuesday night he had an absolutely miserable outing in a closer role. Couldn’t throw a strike to save his life. Kept missing low and outside (at least he was keeping the ball down). Ended up walking 5 guys and we blew a 10 run lead. Said he was afraid of come-backers.

Never wanted to pitch again.

I managed to talk him through it after the game (pointed out that every closer blows a few saves). We went to the batting cages after the game which mostly took his mind off of it.

Last night we had another game. I got 4 great innings from a guy who had never pitched before (total string bean like Casey Fossum but plays 3B due to a huge arm) and then another good inning from a guy who I can’t talk out of throwing darts (but he throws them at 60MPH).

I brought in my son to pitch the last inning with a 6 run lead (had my son on a very short leash with a solid pitcher available just in case). My son walked the first guy on 6 pitches and then gave up an infield hit (horribly long grass) but then got K’s on the next 3 guys with runners at 2B and 3B.

When you fall off the horse, get back on the horse.

I dont like horses but i get what you’re saying!