When will you start training for next year?

The baseball season may be winding down in your neck of the woods… which leads to the question: when do you typically start training (during the off-season) for the spring season?

As a High School pitching coach,I ask the pitcher too take 60 days off fro pitching.We stat up after 60 days off with core conditioning for 30 days,than light throwing on flat ground.


It never winds down in my neck of the woods. I set a pitch and catch in my backyard right in front of my shed (so it wont fall over). I’ll pitch (or try to pitch) 60 pitches on the weekends when school is in, but in the summer when my friends come over, Ill pitch 2 or 3 9 inning games a week. We play baseball in my backyard. As long as I can see, and the ground is dry, ill be out there pitching. (I live in Maryland by the way.)

My son will pitch in Fall ball ending mid-October. He won’t touch a baseball until January when we will start with light catch and conditioning. By Feb he will be doing a lot of long toss and light sessions. March, full sessions to be ready for tryouts end of March or early April. Up here in MN the tryouts are usually held indoors!

No break here, I don’t stop throwing at anytime during the year. I stop throwing from the mound in november and cut long toss way back while hitting the weights a little harder till febuary but I trow year round

Im a senior in HS and i started training now by lifting weights and some small drills in baseball class… hope to get something out of it training now and be completely ready for the next and final season for me…

Well, being an Alaska can make things more difficult when it comes to playing baseball outside, but I started weight lifting on August 1st, and will continue to do so for about 6-8 weeks. I plan on setting up bullpen sessions in october, monday-wed-friday, 30-45 pitches each session. After doing that for a couple of weeks, i will expand my pitch-count to about 65-80 pitches. Although, I will only pitch monday and friday to better work on location with fast and change only. But, during the month of october, I will also do some light weightlifting: shoulders, forearms, coremuscles, back, legs, etc. Depending on the condition of my body, and the ability to get a team mate to throw with me. I’m going to try and utilize long toss into my routine. From there, I basically plan on cycling out workout routines for the rest of the winter and until spring. For example, 6- 8 weeks of heavy weightlifting, about 4-6 weeks of throwing, 6-8 weeks of heavy weight lifting, 4-6 weeks of throwing, and so on. And when spring comes to an end, I plan on perfecting the curveball during the bullpen sessions. If it’s possible, I’m going to try and get someone to video tape me during my bullpen sessions in october; this way I will be able to compare videos from the beginning of winter, middle of winter, and end of winter-spring. My whole goal for this off-season is to gain muscle, become flexible, work on pitching mechanics, and to further decrease my chances of any possible arm injuries in the future. Location is key for me, and if i’m able to get into the mid 80’s for next season with great control of three pitches, I belive I may have a shot at being signed to a minor league contract when i’m 18.

The weightlifting is there to help me gain weight. So far it’s been working pretty good. I’m just hoping to try and get into the 160-175 range. Natural growth and hopefully the weightlifting will propel my fast ball from being in the high 70’s, into the mid 80’s. Running long distance and doing lots of sprints will hopefully keep my body in better shape and decrease my chance of pulling a groin muslce, or tweaking any other muscle during these training sessions. Based on research, it should allow for my recovery time to lessen after throwing a considerable amount of pitches, so i’ll see how it works out.

Note, I’m 16 incase anyone was wondering.

Sorry for the long message.

I am a Sophmore in High School and we are starting to play fall ball. Right now I am working out everyday and and doing long toss. The fall ball league we are in is not school related because our coach, coaches football too. But he said we are going to start off-season training after labor day. Oh and I’m from Oklahoma.

Great idea! I’m happy to see that you’re doing this: video taping is a great tool in your development into a complete pitcher. In the Chicago Cubs organization, every game-performance by a pitcher was videotaped by the starting pitcher who was throwing the next day. We then had the opportunity to work one-on-one with the minor league pitching coach the next day before B.P. on our mechanics on the tape. It was extremely helpful.

Sometimes, however, pitchers can get too wrapped-up in videotaping, which can be counterproductive. Although I recommend it, I’d say a couple of times a season is ideal. Even in the Cubs organization, we didn’t look at the tape after every performance even though it was available – just when we needed a tune-up.

If you can’t find someone to videotape one of your throwing sessions, purchase a tripod ($40-or-so at Target or Wal-mart), point it at the mound turn it on and let it record. Hop on the mound and throw your session.

Videotaping is GREAT! I film my kids that I do pitching lessons with at different angles & then go over that with them after the lesson. It is a great way to point out what they are doing wrong & have them actually seeing it! I have taken some of my tapes and had them put in VERY slow motion by a local TV station. This is a great tool for development!

I will start indoor in January going back to basics. I start pitchers going over fundementals and work on drills, drills and more drills. We won’t start throwing from mound until after 4-6 indoor sessions. As I preach to my pitchers… your best pitch is a STRIKE.

we start full board on november 7. we do a 12 week program which lasts til first day of practice on feb. 13. we go 5 days a week.
we do weight work 4 days a week. speed/quickness work 2 days a week( this includes medball,plyos, etc.)
our pitchers also have a 12 week throwing program which gets them to the first day of practice.

my fall season ends in a couple weeks and my arm just hasnt felt right since i had bursitis this summer. ive either had horrible pain, but that went away or stiffness. it doesnt seem i have had the stamina through out the game or speed on my fastball since the bursitis. There was games were it seemed back but just hasnt been consistently like before i got bursitis. i was wondering how many weeks i should take off from throwing considering this, because my doctor said bursitis comes directly from throwing to much. i want to take sometime off but i dont want to take to much time off, because training is very important.

Winters My only time off. I play high school Summer/fall AAU baseball. I always throw once in awhile when not playing

I end season round end of september. Start light tossing right after thanksgiving. Usually begin long toss right after christmas. Start throwing flatground bullpens in the middle of January and then throw off mound in middle of February. Usually throw about 5 bullpens bytryouts in March. This of course can change if I get injured or something else happens

Well this year our season will be over at 9th of august, and I just keep on practicing. I just have to practice, because this season isn’t going well and next year I want to be outstanding… and surprise my teammates at opening day

I am crazy with baseball and I don’t play in any specific type of league. I go to the park or YMCA everyday to practice pitching, lose some wieght and get fit for baseball! I dream of being a big leaugue pitcher and I think practicing everyday will help anyone get there.

Well i’m always practicing but i usually take a 2 month break after the regular season before starting winterball which is played in a full-sized all weather pitch used for Football(Soccer for you). After that it’s a month’s break before pre-season training before the proper season starts.

I live in Minnesota so as soon as parts of my backyard have turned green I get out there and hit wiffle balls off the tie, Quick Swing, and throw against a net.

Time to lift heavy until january then start throwing/running routines.