When will the US start trying to win the World Baseball Classic?

I’m surprised the US is supposed to be the best in baseball but they lose the World Baseball Classic every time and it’s Japan and the Dominican Republic who wins it. We don’t even send our top players like Kershaw, Bumgarner, Arrieta, Posey, Trout, McCutchen, or Rizzo. Some managers don’t even let their players compete.

Because it’s not important. The industry does not want pros risking their careers for such a team.

Just like the Little League World Series, we don’t send our best kids, we send our best town’s all star team instead of a complete best of the country team.

When was the last time you saw a chubby kid on the DR’s team or the Japan national team? We should hold a separate LLWS after our United States teams crown a champion, then send OUR best players (taken from the entire country and not just one town) to take on these other countries, then we’d show what we can do. We may not win, but we’d do a damn sight better than we do now.

Paul is right and it’s all about timing. Especially with pitchers. The world baseball classic is during spring training. It’s just not reasonable to cut short the already short off-season we allot our top pitchers.These guys who threw 200+ innings don’t need to crank up and be throwing 7+ inning starts a month or two sooner then they would normally be. If you look at the numbers there’s a higher rate of injuries during spring training compared to the regular season and that’s because guys are going in unprepared. To ask them to crank up even sooner would likely only increase the already high number of injuries and teams just won’t risk that.

Way too many millions of dollars invested in those guys for MLB teams to risk.