When will I ever learn?

I went for my scheduled medical check up and my tetanus boaster was out of date.

The nurse who was assisting my doctor was an avid Yankee’s fan and knew that I was a pitching coach and also knew that I followed the Sox – their rotation in particular.

My doctor leaves and the nurse walks back into the examination room with a stainless steel tray, and on the tray was a needle that looked like a 105 howitzer shell.

She looked at me with sort of a grin on her face and said that I wouldn’t be sliding into third base for a while- so take it easy after this.

Now I should have kept my darn mouth shut – but…. I just had to run at the mouth and say something smart like … “ the joke’s on you lady … in all my playing years I never made it to third, so there….”

She proceeds to take a small bottle and turns it upside down, sticks this needle into it … and then removes it … holds it in front of me and gives a squirt to test the needle that goes about two feet in the air. I turned white as a sheet.

I tried to break the tension by asking her if she was still sore about the Sox taking the Yankees a while back… and all she could say was … “ not as sore as your going to be in about one second!”

When will I ever learn…

Coach B.


more like :twisted:

That was a good initial come back though, coach :lol: .

Nice sig Defalco. 8)

Haha, no problem, ‘13’.

Hey, me too. I had him on my fantasy team so I rooted for him!

Did you watch his games?

On MLB TV, as much as I could. I try to watch almost all games I can (baseball nut, aren’t we all). Even though I piggy-backed off my uncle’s subscription (he lives in LA, die-hard Yankee fan since birth like me and my Dad and bro and most rest of family), he bought it in May, and they take off like 25% if you buy it sometime in the season (first month doesn’t mean that much, certainly not 25% of the price worth). Also, as many people can use it at one time as you want, so it doesn’t interfere.

Sorry I’m acting like a spokesman. My first sentence is the answer to your question - a :thumbsup: .

my favorite was when bakersdozen got offended when someone was calling him 13 because he thought they were saying he was a youngin haha

I thought I was gonna cry…had him all offended and stuff :frowning: …heck I figured he was being a sharp kid and his uni number was 13 or something :lol: )
We used to actually get the bakers dozen at a bakery in Chicago when I was a kid…mom would buy these fresh pretzels and we’d always get that extra one…they threw the extra in there incase some broke by the way :smiley:
We’d also always get an extra fresh danish…omg…it don’t happen like that anymore folks :wink:


Thats better than callin him the amish dozen…sometimes people around here get 11 ears of corn in their bag.


All jokin aside…some of the best softball teams in the area are amish/mennonite teams.

Dino, a question for you.

A few yars ago I was driving towards Lancaster, on route 23, and out of the blue came this horse drawn carriage. It was very early in the morning and I didn’t expect it.

Later on that day I asked a motel clerk about the people who had that life style and espeically about their mode of transportation. While going to my room for the night, I saw people dressed in the same way that I saw earlier in the carriage, being driven off in a pickup truck.

Are there different divisions within these life styles? Can some ride in nothing but horse and carriages while others can do otherwise?

Coach B.