When to workout?

Should one workout after they pitch, or the day after they pitch. I threw 37 pitches yesterday-feel great, but I’m not sure whether or not I should just workout after pitching, or the day after pitching.

I’m doing Pull, push, legs right now… Although, I do sumo deadlifts/front squats-use a product called sting ray for front squats- on pull day.

Usually I just workout after pitching, but I wanted to know when others workout?

It depends on how many pitches I’ve thrown and what my body is telling me.

Often after pitching my legs aren’t 100% there thus, I can’t get 100% out of them when working out.

If I’ve thrown a long bullpen of say 60 pitches, then no I would probably not workout that day.
If I had thrown 30 pitches and wasn’t very tired, I would probably be just fine lifting that particular day.

Keep in mind I do my full workout when I lift, I don’t separate days.

I suggest you do full body workouts while inseason. If you are a starting pitcher on a regular pitching schedule, I would have you lift the day after, then take a day off and lift again. If you are a reliever then its a little tougher but you still need to lift 2x/week regardless.

Cool, thanks mike… did my first full body workout last saturday.

How did it go? How long did it take you?

It went pretty good. Took about 50 minutes.

I pitch again today, and will workout tomorrow.

tomorrow’s workout will consist of Sumo deads/Front squats, bentover rows, dumbell press, overhead tricep extensions, and chinups-palm facing each other.

I do band work on days that I pitch. I’ve pitched 3 times in the last week, wed, friday, monday, and then will pitch today. After today, I will begin pitching twice a week, and will do two full body workouts a week.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of a supplement called Scivation Xtend-it’s an amino acid with citruline malate in it-but I would highly recommend trying it out. It aids in muscular endurance/cardiovascular endurance, boosts immune system, and aids in protein absorption. Great product, my energy levels are much higher going into my workout, and last throughout the whole workout. I no longer drink gatorade or powerade while working out, and have since switched to using this.

Wow you throw a lot im taking it your a relief pitcher?

I’m actually a starting pitcher… I didn’t throw more then 45 pitches in any session. I’m just trying to get my body used to pitching again. Now that I’m beginning to get comfortable, I’ll be throwing twice a week.