When to stop hitting

When do you guys feel a serious pitcher, should only Pitch, and not hit or play other positions. :?:

When they take the bat away from me. I love playing the field, im a solid outfileder and my bat is questionable with upside if I can make consistent contact but I still like it. It’s obvious that if I have a future in baseball it’s through pitching though, that is what will get me to the next level (college, trying out in a couple months at a D2)

Hey dlutfy121,

I don’t know what level you are at right now, but it is really up to you. Everyone’s situation is different.

I personally think pitchers shouldn’t specialize in a sport, or even a position in baseball, until sometime during high school. The high school level is where you start to see where your real talents are and start to strategize how you might get noticed by colleges (if that is what you want to do).

When you move on to college, then the talent pool increases much more and you are most times forced to specialize in a position.


As a pitcher you stop hitting when your coach feels he can DH for you with a better bat. If you commit to a college at the end of your Junior year going into your Senior year…and if you are not a clear two way player, meaning you play the field and hit equally as well as pitch, then your at bats are coming to an end anyway. My son stopped getting at bats as a Junior in high school. He absolutley has not had an at bat since going to college. Ironically, his last at bat in high school was a home run and he still carries a helmet and bat with him in his bag…hope springs eternal…go figure. :?

I think that a serious pitching should only pitch and not hit when he forgets about everything except pitching.

A serious pitcher is someone who understands his purpose in the field and execute this task well!
This doesn’t neccesarily say that you can’t be a hitter AND a pitcher!
If you can combine those two without any loss of your performance you’re one nice player :wink:

Look at Zambrano…
This guy can hit for average and power but he can also pitch at a major league level. I dare anyone to say he isn’t a serious pitcher (apart from his emotional breakdowns etc.)

If you can combine hitting and pitching without any loss of performance on your pitching, the main task given to you, you’re fine with me

Im a pretty devoted pitcher and I had the most extra base hits on my team last year.

Keep hitting until somebody takes the bat out of your hands. Babe ruth was once a pretty devoted pitcher… 8)

Sometimes the team that your on depends on all the lumber they can get. You may not have a choice.

Besides, what’s the big deal with hitting anyway? Does it distract you from other things. Pretty girls aren’t looking in your direction? Too busy? What?

Hitting is no big thing at your age and at the level that you’re at. Believe me, if it was, you wouldn’t ask, you’d be told a long time before now.

You’re an amateur, a youngster that is playing this game, becuase it’s a game - not a pay check. Enjoy. In fact, if I were you, with the youth and the age to still swing a bat, go for it. Reach for the lights - do a Babe thing! Step in the box, raise you bat to the stars, then settle in and clock one!

In short, have a SWINGING good time! :meeting:

Coach B.

coach baker is always right.