When to stop coaching your kid

Coaches, and Parents:

I have a dilema. My son is 12 years old and our “youth” baseball season is coming to a close in the next three weeks.

I am conflicted about next season, do i take a team to the next level or let him go and play for someone else?

When did or will you all let someone else mold your kid/kids?

ask him

Adam…I’ll say this…you keep it simple.
What I realized was at some point his talent exceeded my ability to do him justice…for me it was about 15 or 16.

My son was 15 when I coached him for the last time. I was not conflicted at all. It was time. I had coached a team since he was seven. In my opinion, the fact that you are thinking about it probably means the time is near. Whatever decision you make about next year, don’t second guess it later. If you are still the best coach available then do it. If there are other options then see what he can learn from someone elses approach.
Good luck.