When to start throwing bullpens

Baseball stopped for my son who is 15 about 2 months ago.He played around 70 games this year and hasn’t pitched in a couple months.Since baseball has been over he has been doing mma type workouts at a local fight club.Weightlifting,plyometrics and a bunch of really different circuit type exercises.My question is when should he start throwing bullpens?He has been throwing longtoss a couple times a week.His highschool team doesn’t start cond and throwing till the first of Feb.

My son started throwing again around Christmas. There was no way he could be prepared for the high school season if he waited until February. It takes a gradual return so that you don’t rush the arm.

The “principle of periodization” is a general belief that student athletes need to participate in different activities in the annual cycle or schedule. Baseball pitchers need periods of “active rest” meaning that they participate in physical activity other than throwing overhand. It sounds like that’s exactly what you’ve done.

For my son , long toss was something that came after about two months of indoor throwing preseason. We used weighted balls carefully.

ASMI has a booklet for a seasonal throwing program based on the calendar year that has been $10 forever. It is called “Conditioning Program for Baseball Pitchers.” It is a good resource.

He goes to the University of Tennessee Christmas camp 28th and 29th of Dec.Probably keep him throwing after that then.

As a professional pitcher, I play 100 - 140 games a year. Arm strength is one of the first and most important concerns over a season of any length. Your son is smart to be engaged in such a rigorous work out routine. When I have to be ready for March 1 Spring Training. I start lifting after the season in mid September and continue hard until Mid December. I maintain my workouts (although with lighter weights and higher reps) and begin light tossing in mid to late December.

January 2nd, I begin my long toss program - 3 times a week for a month. February first I throw my first bullpen session (30 to 40 pitches, only fastballs and changeups). I throw two sessions the first week (intertwined with long toss) The second week, I throw 3 bullpens (40 to 50 pitches with just a few breaking balls). The third week is 3 'pens (50 to 60 pitches, fastballs, changes up and curves). Finally, week 4 is a full on 60 pitch bullpen with hitters standing in.

Hopes this helps…i’ll answer any other questions u might have!

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Great info.That’s what i needed.You would be suprised how hard the MMA guys train!I think it fits perfectly for baseball to.Thanks for the info.

You’re welcome…I’ll try and post here and there about relevant pitching topic…

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I agree with what some of the others have said. I started throwing in December, around Christmas, and then added bullpens usually toward the end of January. Of course, this was all to get ready for Spring Training in March. This way, I’d have a solid month of bullpens under my belt before reporting to Spring Training – And 2 to 2-1/2 months of throwing before March.

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