When to open up your hips?

Watching my delivery i am opening my hips almost at the same moment my GS foot lands. Just a fraction of a second afterwords. When i do open my hips, my whole upper body rotates with them as one unit. Meaning my shoulders and hips rotate at the same time and rate of speed. I read an article somewhere yesterday about keeping your shoulders straight with the plate while your hips are rotating as long as possible and then opening your shoulders. Just like Roger Clemens. Can someone elaborate on when i should be opening my hips and where my PAS should be when i start opening up?

Your hips will start to open in order for your front leg and foot to open into foot plant. The rest of your hip rotation will occur right after foot plant and after the muscles of the front leg firm up and brace. Then, hopefully, shoulder rotation will occur after hip rotation.

If your shoulders are rotating early (i.e. same time as the hips), then you are likely messing up your posture and balance or your glove (dropping, pulling or flying open) or both.

Thanks Roger,

After reading your post i went back and took a closer look frame by frame. Yup it looks like my GS leg is landing a little more toward the right handed batters box ( I’m left handed) and my weight might be shifting more on the outside of my foot (ball of my pinkie toe and heal). I am trying to figure out why though. My posture is great when i start my kick…until i start rotating my hips toward 2nd base. That might be the reason why my weight falls on the outside of my GS foot.

I would just drop a video here but i have to admit i am a little shy lol. And i have a lot to work on before i feel alright about letting others critique me. Plus i am recording off of a digital photo camera that has a camcorder option. No matter what it records is slow motion.

Check for any head movement to the glove side. Also look at what your glove arm is doing.