When should you break your hands?


When should you break your hands?

If you break to early will it cause a lose of velocity?


IMO I believe there is no right or wrong answer to this question. I do belive that whenever you do break your hands your arm should be “on time” (meaning the arm is up or loaded, whatever you wanna call it) on footstrike. I personally like for my hands and lifting leg to work together, meaning when I’m going into my stride that’s when my arms go. Some people will preach late hand break in an effort to “speed up” the arm; some people will teach early hand break. Each has there own flaws.

Early hand break can sometimes lead to the upper-body getting ahead of the lower body thus causing rushing. Late hand break can lead to the arm not being “on time” and having the arm in a position that can put undue stress on the arm (specifically the shoulder) under rotation. I personally feel hand break is a matter of prefrence or whatever allows you to have a clean arm action. Video analysis is the best way to tell if your arm is “on time” upon footstrike.

Hope this helps


Hi J. Simmons,

I think Indianbball has given you a good answer. I recommend that people try to incorporate the breaking of the hands with the leg lift. By making it one clean motion, this helps build momentum and strength in your delivery. Also, this helps make it easier to develop muscle memory with your pitching delivery. The most important thing you can do as a pitcher is create a simplified motion that does not require you to have to think about it. The less you have to think about your motion the better off you will be. This will help let you focus on other things. At the end of the day, you really only want to be focused on trying to get the batter out. Good question you have brought up as this is often misunderstood.

Jack Elliott