When scouts comes to games

sometimes i get worried. if im ever going to be recruited or scouted.
im 14 yrs old. and i live in an area (oakland) were its rare for a scout to come.
i just entered the RBI program (reviving baseball in inner cities) and it seems to be helping. were going to sacramento this weekend to play and also to Los Angeles.
since scouts dont come to our high school games.
i seem nervous & worried.
is it still too early to get attention at 14 yrs old?

Don’t worry about it. 14 is a little too soon for scouts to start evaluating pitchers. When you reach 17 you can start thinking about what you need to do to get their attention. For now, just pitch your best game and enjoy it. 8)

You live in one of the baseball heaven states (Cally, Az, Tx, Fla), worry about what it takes to get there and not about who is going to see you…someone will…but it doesn’t matter if you: Don’t have grades, your mechs aren’t great, your conditioning is lacking…in other words worry about what you can control, the other stuff will follow.