When reaching back?

I have notciced from watching video clips and other material is that most pitchers when they reach back, or get in to there cocked position that their arms are at a angle compared to a pitcher like me whose arm is just straight back.

You see his arm is at an angle rather than straight back. Is there any adavantage to doing this? Better velocity or control?

This is a pendulum-type arm swing, which is preferable, in my opinion. Best not to push the hand straight back so that the elbow gets to full extension. Keep a slight bend in it until the arm gets up to the high cocked position - then it should be at a 90 degree angle (and this occurs when the front leg is bracing up).

I have a picture of me from 2 years ago, when I saw a thread called Reach back I was really curious, you think my reachback is a bit too extream? not sure if I still reach back this much. But that looks Fully extended to me and appears I was landing on my Heal that night :oops:


yes, and look at your back leg - it wasn’t even close to full extension…

yea, I don’t know if you are just trying to stay back, but the picture totally doesn’t represent someone who is leading wit the hips. I would like to see video or more pictures on the way to your footstrike.

Most pitchers land slightly on their heel or almost completely flat footed - both of which I generally don’t see as being any problem at all, so no need to worry about that… the arm action and hip action would be better view with video, as has been mentioned, but your alignment looks real good from the still…


This is a picture of my arm in full extension in the reach back.

anyone else have advice on this subject as whether the arm going straight back is good or bad towards reacheing max velocity and control.