When No Ones Watching

Any pitcher can put in a great two hour session at practice and wow the coach with a great work ethic. But it’s the one’s that put that extra work in when no bodys looking that really achieve their maximum baseball potential. A former Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Player always told me that if “you can look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and say that youve given 110% then you should be proud of those accomplishments.” The thing is the mirror doesn’t lie and your the only who one truly knows whether or not your cheating yourself. Next time no one’s around don’t just waste your time on a computer or watching tv because there thousands of baseball players out there right now who are putting in the extra work and getting the step up on you. One of my favorite quotes of all time came from Johny Macdonald who still currently plays as a utility player on the Toronto Blue Jays. He said “what hurts more: the pain of hard work, or the pain of regrets?” That quote really stuck with me a while and I hope it strikes the same in you to get the most out of your baseball ability.

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The late great Tommy Henrich used to go to the ballpark early, ahead of everybody else, and go into the outfield and study the prevailing wind conditions. He would then have someone hit balls to right field, line drives, easy fly balls, you name it, so he could practice playing them off the walls under all sorts of circumstances. And he never missed, because he knew just how to play those caroms and high bounces and fire them into the infield. And nobody knew about this—except his teammate Joe DiMaggio who used to do the same thing.

You ever heard some of Jeter’s stories and how he got sent down to rookie ball because of the amount of errors he made. He simply put more time and effort in and look where he ended up today. Baseball has a funny way of re-paying people for their hard work. To be the best you gotta work the hardest.