When lifting for baseball

should you do it more for reps or weight? As in squats and bench…

Well, this has been discussed alot in this subforum, so I’ll keep this brief. If you want the full length version, use the search function :roll:

Basically, you dont want to gain bulk (hypertrophy) which comes from doing tons of sets, but you also dont want to focus only on maximal strength. A good compromise would 15repsx2-3 sets per exercise. Personally, I would try to focus on performing each rep as quickly as possible to build speed strength as well as explosiveness. Check out olympic style lifts and plyometrics as well.

Huh? Umm, it depends on what your goals are. Generally, going into the season, you’ll want to train for strength, explosiveness. Baseball is a power sport, so you’ll want to train that way.

If it’s the beginning of the offseason, and your goals are to gain weight, then you’ll probably focus on performing high reps. But this isn’t always the case, it depends on how your body responds to different training techniques.

Can you further clarify on what your goals are?

Ahh, the search function, an important aspect to this forum, but rarely is it used. :frowning:

KC explained it pretty well, listen to what he said.