When landing


Is your plant foot suppose to be pointing home or to 3rd?


Towards Home!

You have got to focus on generating more momentum towards home.


Okay… Thanks that’s what I thought… I was a lil confused after reading one of Steven’s blogs and thats why I asked.


doesnt really matter either way. nolan ryan says to point it to 3rd and so do many others, but other people point to home. all a matter of preferance.


A certain amount of variation from dead center (i.e. pointing directly at home plate) is usually considered acceptable by most folks. But there is such a thing as too much variation. Open up too much and the hips may open early. Stay closed off to much and you can block off hip rotation.


The main thing to remember is to not open your foot towards home TOO early, otherwise you front side will pull out.


Either way, whatever you do, don’t land on your heel and don’t ever let the toe of your foot face the opposite base side of your arm.


I usually just have my foot face my target, toes to where I want the ball.