When its cold

whats the best way to keep your hands warm? i seem to get numb after awhile and cant really grip the ball that well.

Probably Hand warmers or putting your hands down your pants. I am thinking about trying talcum powder too, it has always helped me get a good grip on the ball, so I’m going to try it.

i didnt even think of that. right, all thats really missing is grip, so i’ll look into that myself.

Handwarmers work well, but my main problem when I play in the cold is that my wrists lose their flexability. I just bring along a big warm sweatshirt, and stick 2 or 3 handwarmers in the pockets.

Hand warmers are awesome between innings.

My favorite happens to be a jacket I “found.” I was pitching a game for a team I had never played with in a tournament, and forgot a jacket. One of the players had this big puffy team jacket, that was made of some rubber/plastic material…completely wind proof and airtight. Being that it was airtight it held the heat and moisture real well, and is like an oven after only a min or two. After the game, which happened to be less than 30deg outside I instantly offered the guy $50 for the jacket and haven’t played a game without it.