When is it right to start throwing a curveball?

When is it right to start throwing a curveball?

I think body maturity, arm strength make a difference, but i’d say 15 for most.

I am 12 almost 13 think I could throw a curveball? Whats the next easiest breaking ball?

You’ve asked this question, about 5 times now and you know the answer. You can stop asking now, and if you continue to at least do it in your own thread.

Whats you talking bout canada, this is my first time i ever posted this curveball post. What do you follow around all my posts?

A check, if i were, dont throw a curveball yet. But possibly you could throw a running fastball.

Chrisman, he was talking to me, A-check i have posted the topic curveball a lot! lol :slight_smile:

Oh sorry. :lol: i didnt know. Thanks.

When you are in the bottom of the ninth and you are a closer with a 100 mph fastball trying to save a game in the NLCS and you are facing Jimmy Rollins…it might be the right time to start throwing a curveball. :twisted:

Dino, do you happen to be a Phillies phan?

the proper time to learn a curveball is when you’re ready. have you developed good mechanics. have you developed arm strength and an adequate fastball. can you throw the fastball around the plate. do you want to put the time in to throw the curveball properly.

on and on it goes. but this time is different for everyone. my guy threw the curvebal at 10. he was ready. some guys aren’t.

Ya like dusty said there really is not exact perfect time to do it. I started when I was 12, but that ended up being to early for me and I hurt my arm :?.

Also, make sure when you do start throwing a curveball you throw it right. You are going to put alot more stress on yourself if you dont do it right.

I was eleven years old and playing catch with some kids in the schoolyard during recess, and I discovered that I had a natural sidearm delivery—and what came attached to it was a pretty nice little curve ball. I said to myself, hey, I’ve got a curve ball, let me see what I can do with it. And so I worked around with it, experimented with changing speeds, and that was the start of my arsenal. I was eleven, and I was ready. It happens. 8)

Zita how do you throw a curveball side arm!!! From 3/4 i have a great curveball but side arm I cant do anything.

I was never sure just how I did it, because it was a completely natural thing—but you might try altering your grip somewhat, and release the ball off your index finger rather than the middle finger, with a sharp wrist snap something like a karate chop. I do recall that this was why I could never throw an ordinary knuckleball but discovered that there was such a thing as a knuckle-curve—and I do believe that Mike Mussina picked his up the same way. And don’t forget—you have to get your whole body into the action, because that’s how you get the power behind your pitches. 8)

Ya I can throw a pretty good knucle curve side arm but its just the straight curve ball that I cant seem to get :frowning:

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the “straight” curve ball. The knuckle- curve, which you seem to be having success with, can be an even deadlier pitch, and at least for now you should stay with it. Perhaps later on you can do something with the ordinary curve ball. It might interest you to know that a lot of major-league pitchers haven’t been using the curve ball at all; instead, they’re going with the slider, and they’re having a great deal of success with the fast ball-slider-changeup combination…such as C.C. Sabathia, whose slider is one of the most devastating in the majors. 8) :slight_smile:

the critical thing is finding the grip and release that gets the maximum amount of spin on the ball safely. everything else is secondary to getting this done and throwing it for strikes