When does your season begin?

First day of practices/tryouts?

First games?

Our tryouts begin March 1. I believe our first games are the weekend of March 27. However, these first games are usually rained out in norther illinois. Then my team is going to Arizona for spring break and we will play around 8-9 games while we are there. This is the first year we are going and it is going to be awesome! Finally getting out of this cold weather.

OT: My school was closed today because it was -20 degrees air temperature when I woke up…-40 wind chill. COLD! :shock:

Tryouts start march 16 or 17 moday.
First game is around april 5

You think its cold having a -40 wind chill, we had a -55 wind chill here

[quote=“Priceless”]Tryouts start march 16 or 17 moday.
First game is around april 5

You think its cold having a -40 wind chill, we had a -55 wind chill here[/quote]
Dang what’s the air temp? And why are your tryouts so late? Where are you from?

Games start March 7th. It’s 82 degree weather here in Florida.

Our first game is feb 20th, we’re going down to VA for a two day tournament to start the season. I just hope i can play!

we got preseason tournaments in the middle of Feb.

ours start when basketball is over
usually about the end of february/beginning of march
me and some of the players are already practicing

Try outs on Tuesday. Gotta love living in FL and being in one of the most competitive districts in the Nation

6 more weeks until practice starts. gotta start packin on the lbs.!!

We get the gyms on saturdays because the JV coach directs the play and they practice on Saturdays so the schools open for us to use for baseball. :lol: :lol:

Totally jealous!

Start eating straight out of the peanut butter jar :slight_smile:

Our tryouts are on the 30th. Pretty excited about them although not a lot of freshmen will be making the team because of all the sophomores trying out but ill be ready

Feb. 10th is our tree outs. Then we got the alumni game 21st. should be fun :lol:

my travle team starts jan.17 first practice.

Starting my bullpen sessions next week and season starts April 17

March 2nd is our first practice, we don’t have tryouts because we’re a smaller school (Class 3).

Our first game is in the pre-season conference tournament, March 23rd at home (we’re the 4 seed).

same for me and i love it.

Where in Florida are you from? Next year I’ll be going to the high school with the second best team in the state.