When a team has your number

For some reason our rivals (who we play a lot in May) seem to just have my number I just keep K’ing against them, my hits came against another team and I know I can swing a good stick but it’s getting to me, they have a lefty (I bat lefty) and he keeps getting me to cut at pitches inside and then their right handers keep getting me called on strikes with pitches I really think are low and away. I don’t know how I’m supposed to fix this, any tips?

Be aggresive. If the fuzz is calling strikes that are 50-50, SWING! The great Roberto Clemente said you have a better chance to hit the ball if you take 3 swings instead of 1. Just common sense, right? Remember to keep your eye on the ball at all times, and use Rotational Hitting. On inside pitches, you need to pull it somewhat. Have a good eye at the plate.

its all mental you cant think that this team has your number or that this pitcher owns you. something i always do is tell people this pitcher is garbage, has nothing before i go to bat, just a way to convince myself im getting a hit no matter how good the pitcher is.

Well I haven’t thought “they have my number” until this last game, and thanks for the advice guys. Oh and I do use rotational mechanics, I was a garbage hitter last year and since picking up rotational mechanics in the offseason my bat speed has shot up and I’m hitting the ball a lot harder and farther.