When a Coach Starts to Show His Age

When a very pretty young lady validates your parking stub at the stadium, then addresses you as “Sir!”

Instead of being asked at the grocery store if you’d like paper
or plastic, you’re asked “ would you like someone to help you load that in your car?”

When your kid wears the clothes you had in high school as a costume to
a Halloween party.

You’re a first base coach and the third base coach sends a signal over,
you yell over… “ what?”, he yells back … “what? The other team’s first baseman says to you, “ he’s giving the steal sign coach.”

You’re on the field looking for your glasses, then someone point to the top of your head … “oh, there they are.”

When the new crop of pitcher’s in the bullpen looks like a collection of kids from 6th grade, on recess.

You fall asleep in the bullpen at the end of the third inning, and you wake up during the fourth inning – of the second game in a double header. And no one missed you!

The fire hose in your home stadium has a date of manufacture as the same date that you were born. You look a little closer and the things been condemned by the local fire marshal. Then it dawns on you, if the ole stadium ever went up in smoke, neither one of you would stand a chance.


Coach B.


What’s not so funny is when the other team can read your team’s signs…
Back in the ‘30s and the early ‘40s there was a very good pitcher named Hiram Bithorn in the National League. His usual batterymate answered to Hernandez, and because both of them were from Puerto Rico they knew Spanish and did all their signaling aloud. Things like—I can only give you the English translations, but it went “I’ll tell you what this guy’s going to throw!” and “This guy’s going to throw you a fast ball!” All went well until one day when they had to face the Giants at the Polo Grounds.
Suddenly Bithorn, who was pitching for the Cubs, was getting hammered all over the ballpark. This went on for a couple of innings, and then Bithorn realized that something was going on. He looked around, and he noticed the Giants’ third base coach—a guy named Dolf Luque, who was from Cuba and who therefore knew Spanish very well. He was signaling the Giants’ hitters what to look for! That did it, and Bithorn and Hernandez had to go back to using finger signals. :lol: