Whats your thought about heavy weights with legs?

I know that leg work is important for any pitcher but Is it good and beneficial for pitchers to lift heavy weights with legs, using things like leg presses and weighted squats/ lunges?

Right now I usually squat with 200-250 extra lbs on the squat machine, will the benefit me or work against me?

You will probably find most people tell you to use free weights.

A machine is perfectly okay for certain applications, but you’d be limiting yourself if you only use a leg press, smith, or whatever. The strength that you will gain doesn’t really transfer from the gym to the field in that regard.

so I would be best to do free weighted squats with weights in each hand and also lunges than?

I really am not an expert (in any way), but (the short answer is) yes.

Can someone please explain why free weights are so much more beneficial than machines.

From my understanding of things its that free weights dont constrict your movements meaning it still gives you a range of movement and doesnt take away you flexibility? But if someone could give us the full reason that would help alot!

Kyleb would be the one to ask. I only know that all the ‘experts’ say that - I wouldn’t be able to explain why, technically.

haha ya! Im just saying what I’ve heard

If you use a leg press or a squat machine then go do a squat with a bar you have to focus on balance and maintaining body posture with the bar, with the other methods those things are done for you. I am not a trainer or an expert, but, I would assume this is why the amount lifted (max) goes down, usually quite a bit, when someone goes from a machine to lifting free. So, that makes to me. It offers better and true range of motion and engages the whole body as opposed to isolating movements. But, that is just the opinion of another novice…Kyle…we are waiting…

Machines suck, squatting is great, deadlifting is better, you don’t need to deadlift 800 pounds to throw 90 but you should be able to handle twice your bodyweight at least.

Good enough summary for now.

Kyleb, Do you have any videos on youtube or videojug or anything like that that you would recommend that shows the proper form and how to deadlift?

Buy Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength


It is by far the best work on this topic.

Hmm im only 17 so I dont have a credit card or anything like that to buy it, So I guess Ill just google it, Ill keep that in mind though if anyone asks me what I want for christmas!

That book is under $30. The otherside of “Im only 17” is, dude, your 17. Your not 10. If your not willing to invest the same amount youd spend going to the movies on a book that could be elemental in changing how you do things, your not serious. I understand being broke, I spent a decent chunk of my life broke. But, you can find one used, go in with someone on a copy. Find a way to get the information you need. Lack of money is an excuse.

It’s also $10 on Kindle.

Look, I’ll admit I just bought the 3rd edition. It’s really embarrassing to admit. (I own the first and second editions of the book.) I actually feel stupid that it took me this long, because I’ve read about 70 pages of the 3rd edition and it was already worth the purchase.

Rippetoe’s books are always worth the investment.

Hmm first of all fearsomefour;

One thing that you dont know is that im 1700 miles away from my hometown. I cant speak the language of the country i’m in therefore its pretty difficult to find a job. Add to that that I have 4-6 hours of baseball a day. I’m not using lack of money as an excuse I’m saying that I’m not going to buy the book right now because I have absolutely no way of getting my money… In cash, To a company that would charge probably 20-30 dollars to ship it to me. And as far as the kindle thing goes… Again I have no way of getting my money to them unforchinetly. (for those of your that are probably going to say mail it, The system of postage is so corrupt down here I would highly doubt that it even gets out of the country) Thats why I’m going to get it at christmas, when I go home to canada to visit my friends and family.

And also by the way, The only things I spend money on down here in dominican republic where im training is food and gas so I can get to the stadium to train daily. Even when I dont have enough money for gas I bike the 6-7 kms it takes to get there.

Sorry for not adding my situation in there, That probably would have cleared things up haha!

And thanks alot kyleb! Ill definitely look into those when im home! Any other books you would suggest on weights, or pitching mechanics? You seem to know your stuff!

You are going down a long road. :slight_smile:

I’d just read my blog and go from there.

going down the only road I’ve ever known! Only thing I’ve ever really wanted in my heart, mind and body!

And okay I will make sure to do that! Any help I can get is appreciated! Thanks!

P.s the blog your talking about is your driveline baseball right?


Blakey: I wasnt trying to put you down, usually, where there is a will there is a way. Your situation is certainly…unique. After reading your reply I checked out some of your log, interesting situation and choice youve made. I hope it works out well. If you You Tube Rippetoe Intro to the Squat, he gives a basic overview of his squat technique. Also, it should link up with plenty of other videos of Rippetoe both doing and instructing people doing the squat.
I have often wondered if the training in places like the D.R. is massivly different or if the want and desire of some of the guys coming up there is the difference maker.