What's your setup?

More of a question of how do you set up your pitch combinations. I’ve wondered about other pitcher’s theories. Working inside then out side. Inside FB to outside slider, or FB to change up in the same spot. Or anyone go 4 seam to 2 seam.

The coach calls my son’s pitches. But he knows the best combo for his age group is 1.inside or outside the plate- 2. off speed (CH or CB) 3. High heat.

It seems to depend on what level of play and if any scouting info is available on the hitters

My son’s HS catcher only seems to think there is 1 combination. Fastball Away, Fastball Away, Fastball Away, Fastball Away… Oh Curve, Slider or ChangeUp… you guessed it. Away.

This is a cop-out answer but… we try to read the swing and attack weaknesses with what’s working best for the pitcher more than a designed combination. If the hitter casts or cuts across the zone losing barrel, then outer third is where to attack. If the hitter has really good direction through the zone we’ll attack by changing eye level and bust him in as well. Hands held high and turns high, then down in the zone, if he drops the hands then up in the zone. etc.

But it’s also seriously hard in HS since the umpires have adopted the MLB strike zone of Waist to just above knees. They’ll give you 4 inches off the outer corner though, so that may be why Outside outside outside seems to be the combo. But they are never going to give you the semi high strike you have to hope for swings and misses.

Throwing BP to our better hitters and going more for placement vs overpowering them, I can usually go inside FB and then outside CU for a whiff. Same goes for inside FB followed by outside Frisbee Slider.