Whats your opinion on weighted balls?

Do they help? Will they cause injury? I’m not sure if I should be using them or not. I’m 15 years old.

This was recently discussed here.


“Do they help?


It has been proven in thousands of studies in hundreds of universities all over the world for over 100 years and leading up even to today that muscles pushing and pulling weight (any resistance) causes hypertrophy (muscle growth) and fitness. No further studies necessary. It’s like survey groups (pseudo scientist’s) pretending to do science that proves long toss works. Duh!

Will they cause injury?


If you perform pathomechanically (injurious mechanics) when you throw or pitch expect the same injurious effect but heightened in severity with less accumulation.

Dr. Mike Marshall theorized this outcome right when weighted baseballs came out. Now we have proof that weighted baseballs cause pathologies when testing the traditional Centripedal pitching approach.

If you pass the test for injurious force application for overhead throwing then you can “sport specifically” train with even much heavier resistance that oz’s. And never worry about pitch counts or daily training again.

1. How many pitch or throw types do you perform and what is the percentage of forearm projection in rotational direction or How many do you forearm supinate the drive and how many do you forearm pronate the drive? Normally kids your age only know how to supinate. These are the 100% er’s.
Maddox pronated 3 and lightly supinated 1.

This alone may eliminate you from training contention with weighted ball’s!!!

2. Within 6 weeks of this study there were many shoulder problems, I expect Labrum and laxity, not good !!! Isn’t the traditional approach wonderful ?

Do you “early over rotate” past the imaginary field driveline with you shoulder line (acromial line), both humerus and forearms ?

If you perform this one you might not want to train sport specifically this is a gateway pathomechanic.

3. Do you stay tall and rotate 180 degrees around your glove side leg?

If not, do not!

4. Does your forearm travel “inside of vertical”(forearm pronation intuitive) safely with your elbow popping up?
Or do you have your forearm travel “outside of vertical”(forearm supination intuitive) flying out and elbow staying down?

There is a lot to consider and I can guarantee you that you will not find some one who knows this info to actually help you, you could help yourself though by knowing for your self how and what to do.

“I’m not sure if I should be using them or not. I’m 15 years old.”

It is best to wait until your growth centers in your Elbows have solidify at biologically aged 16 .
You are either an early, equated or late maturer. You are giving us your chronological age not your biological age. If you are an early maturer by 1 year your growth plates have solidified one year earlier than equated’s. This is when you start to aggressively Sport specifically train.

My 15 YO clients start at a prescribed weight. They sling 6 LB wrist weights and then throw a 4 pound brass ball. We use Plyoballs (dead blow balls) for most youth appropriate weight 4 lb’s and down.
This way they can also join in when Sept. roles around to participate in our 120 day HS interval training program where you go into training regression and can’t play in games until Feb.