Whats your go to pitch?

Mine personally would be my 2-seam fastball. I can pound the strike zone and it comes back in on a right handed batter, ground balls ever time if they hit it. What’s yours?

When I pitched, many moons ago, my best pitch—the one I could go to when I had to go for the strikeout—was a slider which I nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in a W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was. It had a sharp late break which always caught the batters off balance, and when I threw it with the crossfire move (I was one of those infuriating, exasperating sidearmers who used that move with just about everything I threw), look out! Most of the batters who swung at it lost their balance and fell over on their tushes with their arms and legs up in the air like overturned bugs! My next best pitch was a very good knuckle-curve, and I also had a whole shelf-full of assorted changeups—I was a snake-jazz pitcher, not much on speed (although I did pick up an 81-MPH four-seamer which I used from time to time), but with the control and command that enabled me to win a lot of games and rescue many others. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

The Knuckleballer says the knuckleball.

It doesn’t matter, they know it’s coming but I still know they ain’t gonna hit it hard. Get it over the plate it’s a pop up or a fly ball, out of the zone they’re probably swinging and missing. If I don’t know what it’s doing, how are they going to know?

Something like Mariano Rivera’s cutter…batters know it’s coming, they know he’s going to throw it, and they can’t hit it for sour apples. It’s nice to have a pitch like that, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Yes, except the amazing thing about good old Mo is that that cutter does the same thing everytime and they can’t hit it, it’s not unpredictable like a knuckleball.

Mariano changes the batter’s eye level so much and that’s why he’s so effective. Honestly forget being the best reliever of all time Mariano could be the best pitcher of all time.

I wish i could throw a good knucke. My hands are to small. My go to pitch was my 2 seam, i used to throw 3/4 lefty so it always had some good movement. Next was my slider.

Curve or cutter mastered both

I will either go high cheese, outside slider (or backdoor it to a lefty), bounce a curve, or drop a curve in there, or low change. All depends on my mood, and which pitch is working on what days, but my favorite is just droppin in a curve.

Mostly my fastball, but I have confidence in throwing my curve in tight situations

My out pitch is a slider that has a tight sideways break and little downward movement, which is weird since i throw from 3/4. My next best pitch would have to be my 2 seam that has a lot of downward movement.

Depends on the hitter…
Bad hitters I don’t wanna screw around and just pound my fastball in the strike-zone (or above the strike-zone).
Average to good hitters my slurve will be my out-pitch…
But then again… I won’t throw my slurve to left-handed hitters but my change-up.

It all depends on the hitter

nah, ill take maddux as the alltime best. if hes on the mound we wont need mo lol, but if i need a closer im taking mo any day