What's your between starts pitching routine?


Would love to hear what you do between starts during the season… how many bullpens do you throw? Run? Strength train? How’s your nutrition? Sleep? Give me a week in the life of your pitching.


I guess we can consider game day, day 1.

Day 1: COMPETE- Go out and give your best! Ice and anti inflammatory after game. drink lots of water

Day 2: my goal is recovery. I’ll usually show up and get in a nice static stretch and go on a flush run (20-30) jog to break down lactic acid and relax and calm my mind after game day. Then e-stim or massage from the trainer on my shoulder and back. generally I’ll just play catch that day to about 60 feet but not too many throws. also will do some shoulder work with weighted cuffs and bands.

Day 3: again my goal is recovery. light sprint work before I work into a stretch it out long toss. I don’t limit this but I try to go no more than 50/50 stretch and effort. really focus on stretching my arm out and getting things flowing again. then I work on PFP’s and do some sprint work working on really hard leg drives to get some explosion in your lower half. train legs hard that day then work core as well.

day 4: goal is to find the release point. after I run and get in a good long toss, I throw a pen at around 85% effort an feeling out my three pitches (and really getting good feel of change and slider.) I’ll usually throw 25 to 50% of the pitches I threw in the game prior. so 80 pitch game, 20-40 pitches. in the gym I’ll work upper body, keeping it light and I’ll also work speed and agility along with hurdle jumps and ladders.

day 5: max distance long toss plus a flat ground, working short distant drills as well. lots of pfps and I’ll work legs again. a little lighter than last time so there is no fatigue on game day.

day 6: I’ll do a long easy going warm up and do light Dumbbells and band work along with weighted cuffs. I’ll play light catch and maybe toss back to 120 ft. do some plyo work