What's your best time?


The pitch comes down to you, you make contact, then take off for first.

After making contact, what’s your best time to go from the batter’s box to first base?


I would admit I’m quite slow, some people say i still haven’t reached.


In my experience, pitchers aren’t known to be sprinters on the baselines - however, for position players the required time for making contact with the ball, uncoil, and sprinting to reaching first, ninety feet away, is normally 4 - 4.5 seconds.

This measurement, both in time and distance, provides a benchmark for aggressive base running, base running opportunities, pitch selection possibilities, backstop “pop” time minimums, cutoff decisions on ball relays, and best of all the defensive playbook when player time/distances are know of an apposing team.

This simple distance from home plate to first base should be one of the basic and mandatory recordkeeping of any bench coach, pitching coach, field coach, and especially the shortstop and second baseman when motioning the ball from the outfield … curtailing the outfielder from launching the ball to the infield on impulse.

If you can study this simple time and distance measurement after a complete rotation of your opponent’s bating order, you’ll have 40% - at a minimum of what your opponents will do on the skins, and how conservative/or not, they’ll do when you’re on the skins.

If you have a person on your club that can devote himself/herself to keeping these measurement, then refer to each reading per opponent, you’d be amazed at just how accurate you can predict a play-by-play scenario before it happens.