Whats your best season

I was wondering if anyone found alot more success in different times of the year. For me, I have a hard time throwing in the spring time, especially with control, but for some reason when summer rolls around I seem to find my control and pitch really well. The fall time rolls around and then I get to a level between what I pitch at in the spring and what I pitch at in the summer.

I’d think there’s a ton of players like that. I would even venture to say that’s the most common type.

Figure in the spring you’re fresh, and even though you’ve been throwing, you’ve probably not gotten regular hard work like during the summer. Takes a while for you to get into a groove and get all your stuff by.

In the Summer, you’re not tired yet. You’re in your groove and you’re getting regular hard work. Best time of the year.

Early fall you’re probably getting a bit fatigued even if you don’t feel it. The body can only take so much work over a period of time before it craps out. Plus, if you’ve played teams multiple times, they’ve had a chance to get a look at you before and see what you bring.

Just my $0.02 :slight_smile:

yea i was realizing that while i was writing the post lol