Whats your Arsenal?

My Arsenal is:

4-seam fb
change-up {circle change-up}
big Curve ball {drops out of the sky}

whats yours?

fastball change-up curve

all of those being hella slow i just spot them around

Right now trying ou tsome stuff because my two seam has been awfull of late
I throw a 4 seam
2seam/sinker/cutter(havent been able to pitch due to my sore shoulder, so i havent had a chance to work out all the kinks and decide which one or two i should use)
and a curveball i only use for third strikes lately anyways. I have no control over how much break, I guess im lucky but it hits the dirt no matter what or how hard i throw it, it hasn’t been hit all year, but i can’t throw it for a strike, its either way up in the zone and not coming down, or its getting them swinging and my catcher cant catch it and throws them out at first.

I’m kind of temtped to try a slider too.

and a circle change, i neglected to add that to my post

2 seam
4 seam
curve<-- big slow one and fast one aswell
slurve<-- horrible one lol XD

Changeup <— having sum problems hitting the spot with that not comfortable with the grip yet

  1. 2-seam fastball
  2. Circle Change
  3. Spike Curve
  4. Occasional Cutter

my arsenal is:

circle change

1- 4 Seam Fastball
2- Hoffman Changeup
3- Spike Curve

i throw:

circle change
splitter/ forkball

My Arsenal:

  1. Fastball
  2. Sinking 2 seamer fastball
  3. Circle Changeup
  4. Apple ball (type of splitter)
    Working on a curveball
  1. Fastball
  2. Curveball (newly added, and have trouble finding the strike zone with it)
  3. Knuckleball
  4. Palmball


  1. 4 seam fastball

  2. 1-7 curveball/slurve

  3. Palmball

  4. Knuckle - working on it

As of now I only throw the first two in games. Until I increase my FB velocity and/or add more movement on the palmball I won’t add the palm. Might replace the 4 seam with either a 2 seam or cut fastball.

  1. Knuckleball
  2. 4 Seam Fastball (workin on a 2 seam)
  3. Apple Ball (3 fingered split)
  4. Eephus
  5. Invisiball (jk)

4 seam
2 seam